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Sorry I’m late! I got myself into a bit of a snit. Tuesday night, I wanted to do other things. It doesn’t matter what they were. I just didn’t want to practice writing as much as I wanted to be free to attempt this other thing. I practiced writing anyway, and even I didn’t want … Continue reading Page 13


Spring. Dusk. Peepers peeping. The Robin has ceased plucking the strings of my heart for the evening. Light breeze. A still-bare maple branch shivers expectantly in front of a waxing moon. With scissors and flashlight I have edged into the garden to discern chives from grape hyacinth. I’ve had this urge the last few days … Continue reading Burst

Soul, Stirred not Shaken

Just between you and me, and as opposed to what your official statement should probably be, when did you most recently have a soul-stirring conversation? With whom did you have it and about what were you talking? I mean the kind of sharing where you’re both – or all – if it was with a … Continue reading Soul, Stirred not Shaken

It’s About Time

It’s Friday morning and I am standing at my desk at work. Ah, yes, the standing desk for a woman who can’t think on her feet. Proof that God has a sense of humor and she isn’t afraid to use it. My phone boop-boops. I lean over, snag a look and see a notification that … Continue reading It’s About Time

What Would it Take?

I am having a little evening texting exchange with my sister. When I text, “Did you have a nice day?” I think, “Won’t it be great if ‘Spectacular!’ is her reply?” And then I’ll have to stop making dinner and call her and get the details. As I look down at the screen, checking for … Continue reading What Would it Take?

This is No Time for Fluff

Inside this woman (me) is an exquisite secret room, behind a trick hidden door. You know those secret passages you see in murder mystery movies – you remove a book from a library shelf and oops its really a lever and the shelf is really a door? Like that. It is a small room filled … Continue reading This is No Time for Fluff

Out of the Blue

“People don’t write in the omniscient anymore,” she says, unaware that her unexpected critique hits my chest like a bag of hammers, followed by a bucket of cold water. My mouth falls open. I close it. “My God, she’s talking to me like I’m a student,” I think. Breathe. It’s possible I breathe too much. … Continue reading Out of the Blue

If You Dress for It

Something different this week. A bit of flash fiction. Hope you enjoy it. xo Viv “This has been such a strange day,” I muse as I wait for Lucy to arrive. We’ve started this thing we call dress-up dates. We both love to put on our Sunday best and go out, but what with her … Continue reading If You Dress for It


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