‘Good Housekeeping Magazine’ has been floating through my thoughts all week long.  Why? I’m not a subscriber, nor have I any sense of nostalgia for it. Although I do have fond memories of my Mom perusing homemaking magazines, she leaned more toward ‘Ladies Home Journal’ or ‘Country Living.’ Yet, there it is.  “What?” I ask. … Continue reading Support

Are my Imagination Problems…in my Imagination?

My sister Beck stops mid-sentence, looking concerned. “What,” she says, searching my eyes. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing’s wrong,” I say. “Why?” “You’re scowling.” “I’m not scowling.” We look at each other a beat. “I’m 54,” I say. “This is how I look. I’m happy on the inside.” Well, this exchange is a little annoying, but overall, … Continue reading Are my Imagination Problems…in my Imagination?