Just a Note

Oh dear. I procrastinated.  I thought I had all the time in the world.  Then something unexpected – but OK – everyone here is fine- came along. 

Well, now you’ll worry. It was a “surprise” routine doctor’s appointment that became available. However, when you live in the country as we do, getting medical services frequently means  four hours of driving and a meal or two.  If you aren’t feeling so hot, it might as well be the moon to which you are traveling. 

Now the point in the week when I put a few little finishing touches on my letter to you is here and I’m just putting pen to paper. 

And that won’t do. I value you too much to give you anything but my best. So instead, I’ll just make this one a ‘thank you’ note and let you get back to your Thanksgiving preparations.

Thank you so much for subscribing! Happy Thanksgiving! 

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